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We are a small but capable design company with 8 years experience in 3D Cad modeling. We will take your dream and turn it to a reality.

  • 2D Drawing – Auto cad.
  • 3D Modeling – Solidworks & Inventor.
  • 3D Printing – build size 300W x 300L x 400mmH.
  • Prototyping – Turning your idea into a full size working Model.


3D CAD Modelling is the answer to your doubts of what your concepts will look like. It is in fact a 3D simulation showing realistic views of your concept from different angles. The time taken for your design review and approval is considerably shortened as you can participate interactively and study the numerous design iterations we prepare for you within a short timeframe.


At Design Geek, you get the service you need, at the best price! We guarantee that with our help, you can cut down your CAD Conversions and Designing project costs almost by 50%. We stay on the frontier of innovation and implement newfound solutions, way before our competitors start hearing about them!

We can make it real for you!


There is no right time to action your ideas, you will never be ready, you will never have enough cash, you will never feel confident that your idea will change the world, your life or your business. If you keep delaying, the opportunity will pass. So send us your ideas today we will work with you to creatively prototype your idea to help you reach your goal!